Warning: 1 in 3 vehicles checked shows a discrepancy. Don't risk it.

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Welcome to CarCheckUK.co.uk latest stats: 1 in 3 checks shows a discrepancy, 160,000 vehicles a year reported stolen, 1 in 8 were recorded as an insurance write off, 1 in 14 showed significant mileage discrepancies, 1 in 4 had outstanding finance previously recorded

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Do I really need to buy a car check?

Yes. There are many reasons why we recommend that you should buy a car history report online before making your purchase. Below is a quick summary of the main benefits and the dangers you face should you not purchase a vehicle history report before you decide to go ahead with a purchase.

1 in 3 vehicle registration checks show adverse history?

If you decide not to bother spending just a few pounds to receive a comprehensive vehicle check report and are then unlucky enough to purchase a car, bike or van which later turns out to be one of the tens of thousands which are reported as stolen each year it is highly likely it will be taken from you and returned to its rightful owner without any compensation. This could be either the previous owner or the insurance company who settled any claim. Our Police stolen vehicle check helps you to avoid this risk. Important warning: Please be aware some providers do not use official Police data and therefore the data they use may not be up to date. We only ever use officialy sourced data from providers including Experian, DVLA, Association of British Insurers and the Police. This data is also used by companies such as hpi check.

1 in 4 vehicles checked are subject to an outstanding finance agreement. This is now one of the greatest dangers facing UK buyers. If the loan remains unpaid you do not have "good title" meaning it could be taken from you and returned to the finance company.

1 in 8 used vehicles checked are classed as an insurance write off. Nearly 500,000 each year are classed as un safe or uneconomical to repair meaning they may not be safe for you to drive. It could also mean it is worth significantly less than one which has not been classed as written off.

By checking the vehicle VIN number which usually appears in the engine bay and/or at the bottom right hand corner of the windscreen matches both the V5C registration document (log book) and your history report this will dramaticaly help you reduce the risk of purchasing one of thousands of cloned vehicles in the UK. Beware as some cheap car data checks which cam not provide a full VIN check. Most only provide the last few digits. We will tell you if the full VIN matches the DVLA database. We also include V5C registration document (logbook) information in our reports which assists you by ensuring the document reference number matches DVLA data and provides the issue date to further ensure it is correct. This will help you avoid purchasing a vehicle which is being sold using false documents. Did you know 400,000 blank documents were stolen in 2006 and are still being used today by criminals to sell cloned cars, motorbikes, vans and campers.

Our car mileage check helps you avoid paying over the odds for a used car, bike or van which has had the mileage altered. It is not illegal to clock a vehicles mileage meaning it is more important then ever to research mileage records before you go ahead with your purchase. We only use information from official providers including the DVLA, NAMA, RMI and BVRLA databases. Please note that although we have access to over 130 million mileage records mileage data may not always be available this is beyond our control.

We offer the only UK vehicle check service which includes data from the VOSA recall database.

Latest update: Our service now includes VOSA recall information helping you to identify serious mechanical issue requiring attention. Our new V5 logbook search will help confirm both the document reference number and the date of issue match those on the DVLA database. This helps ensure that the vehicle registration document is genuine. No other UK vehicle history report includes this vital piece of data needed before you make your purchase. Further more we will soon be adding vehicle TAX status and VOSA MOT history data to our vehicle history reports. This will not only help you ensure the MOT certificates are genuine but also help identify any work that may soon be required and make you aware of any mileage discrepancies. 


*Outstanding finance data is included in "Ultimate" report only and is subject to Experian Autocheck terms and conditions.
*Mileage data is provided subject to availability (this is beyond our control) and additional charge of £3 will apply where applicable.

Please note: This is not a hpi check. hpi is a registered trademark of Hpi limited and we are not associated with hpi limited in any way.

Can I get a free car history check online?

We do offer a basic free car check history report which enables you to confirm the make, model and colour are correct free of charge by simply entering the registration number in the yellow box above along with a number of further options to purchase comprehensive data on the vehicles history from as little as £2.99. No other UK car registration check provides more important information for less. Not only that but we will also give you a totally free car history report if your report shows to be a CAT A or B write off. Please be aware of cheap car registration checks that do not include a FULL VIN check. Some providers only provide the last few didgits of the vehicle vin leaving you vulnerable to cloning. We believe we offer you the UK's best car check. We accept various payment methods including all major UK credit and debit cards and you can also purchase your report using PayPal.

When will I receive my car check report?

It only takes a few seconds to receive your basic free car check history results. Your free car registration check is displayed instantly on screen and paid registration checks will also be sent to you instantly by email. We will also send you a FREE buyers receipt to use if you decide to go ahead with your purchase. This will help you ask the seller some very important questions you may forget or be to embarrassed to ask such as "is the mileage genuine" or "is there any outstanding finance".

Is this a hpi check

No. hpi check is a registered trademark of hpi Check Limited. hpi check has become the term commonly used to refer to a used car check as they were the first company in the UK to provide this type of service using the registration number. They were established to help prevent multiple loans from being taken out on the same vehicle. Hpi stands for higher purchase investigation and hpi check limited is now owned by Solera inc. Beware of companies offering a hpi car check free as these do not currently exist.

Do you guarantee my car check results?

We only use registration data from official UK providers including the DVLA, Experian, Association of British Insurers and the Police unlike other so called cheap car history check providers and we do our very best to ensure that the data we provide you with is correct however we do also offer a data guarantee for that extra peace of mind subject to our terms and conditions. We use much of the same history data as other far more expensive services and provide some data that other more providers don't.

Can I buy my car registration check by phone?

In order to keep the prices we charge to an absolute minimum our vehicle check service is currently only available online. Your report will be sent to you instantly via email in PDF format and also displayed on screen.

Do you offer a car text check?

No. A car text check is not able to provide you with all of the information you require before purchasing a used vehicle due to the lack of characters available in a text message. Beware of a cheap car text check services that offer you very limited data and will not give you the full peace of mind needed before you make your purchase. We recommend you buy online in order to get the most information there is available.

WARNING: It has been brought to our attention that some other service providers are not using official Police stolen vehicle data in their history reports and are using data from other sources that may not be as up to date as those using the official Police stolen vehicle data base. Please beware that if you purchase a car check report from one of these providers and the vehicle you purchase later turns out to be stolen you do not hold "good title" and the vehicle will be taken from you and given back to the rightful owner without any compensation to you.

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